Bringing marginalized humans to center stage

About Soft Animal

Soft Animal aims to center marginalized people by creating events and spaces that are accessible, safe, inclusive and fun.

Upcoming Events

We work to create unique experiences that support and serve marginalized humans. 

Learn ASL

We are offer Deaf-taught American Sign Language classes. Positioning a member of the Deaf community to lead the class is at the core of who we are.

Recent Events

Our launch event was on March 3, 2022. We had four incredible performers, including local and upcoming hip hop acts, a crown-winning drag queen and an old-school DJ. 

The hiphop event showcased queer and black performers and — like all our events — had accommodations for a wide range of people. We have a quiet room where people who are neurodiverse, experience anxiety (or just need to step away from the crowd) can congregate peacefully. 

All events will be ADA accessible, and we are keeping in mind other experiences, such as the fact that people who are Deaf can’t see ASL in a dark room, so at a show, there needs to be enough light for them to communicate with others. 

We have an informal board of people with diverse backgrounds, experiences and situations who are helping us eliminate and address blind spots that may come up.